The cure for procrastination

We’ve all got long to-do lists, and no end of ways to avoid to-doing anything on them.

There’s always something, either we need the time to be just right, or perhaps there’s that evening off next week. Maybe you’ll put it in your calendar so you definitely do it.

But you don’t.

So, here’s the cure for the endless putting-off: JFDI. If you need to write something, open your laptop right now and start typing. If you need to do some admin, crack open that ledger before you finish thi

Oh, you’re still here. If you’re not sure what you should be doing, pick the thing you want to do the least, and do that now. Right now.

And once it’s done, you’ll wonder why you put it off at all.

So – Just Fucking Do It.

I was going to say “thank me later”, but you should thank me now as well.

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