The Blank Canvas

Ripple that millpond

I don’t have many qualifications, but one thing I do have a formal training in is art. I originally trained as an illustrator, believe it or not.

Although, thinking back to my college days, I don’t remember being taught very much about how to draw or paint.

Recently I’ve taken up painting again. Still at the experimentation/regaining muscle memory phase, but it’s very enjoyable.

However, that sinking feeling of sitting in front of a blank canvas was all too familiar.

It’s the same when you sit in front of an empty blog post, or a white sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless, and endless is terrifying.

Kierkegaard said “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”. He could well have been talking about the freedom to create anything we like, from nothing.

The blank canvas is like a millpond. Perfect, unmarked. We must have the confidence to throw the stone into it, shatter it with ripples and stand next to our work.

“I did this”.

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