Ice Sculptures

The beauty of impermanence

Don’t forget to back your data up! Back up your backups, backup to the cloud, or all your work will be lost forever. Now we don’t have things like printed photographs or actual paper documents because we love the planet and the dolphins, everything is digital.

Which is great – obviously. Zeroes and ones in particular combinations express your thoughts and feelings to the world.

Your fiction (more zeroes and ones) creates characters that live and breathe and love and kill – until your laptop dies and the magic smoke comes out.

(You can’t put the magic smoke back in).

Every year I walk around York’s Christmas market and look at the ice sculptures. Works of great beauty, that took hours and hours to make using years and years of practice. And they’re made in the definite knowledge that they will turn into a puddle.

Imagine if you could create with that same mindset. Imagine if this post, and this website, disappeared from the internet forever.

Who cares?

How freeing would it be not to grasp, white-knuckled, to your zeroes and ones, knowing that the act of creation was enough.

Or you could print it. Fuck the dolphins.

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