Takako Konishi

Sometimes, when I’m very bored indeed, I look at the Google Analytics data for this website. Today, I saw this among the most popular URLs visited:

You’ll see it’s only had one view, which makes it one of the more popular pages (lolz). It goes without saying there’s no page called Takako Konishi, and I had no idea what/who that was.

Obviously, Google is my friend. Takako Konishi was a Japanese office worker who lost her job and sank into depression. She travelled to Minneapolis, then to Bismarck, then to Fargo, where she drank two bottles of Champage, lay down in the snow and died.

There’s an urban legend she went to Fargo to try and find the $1m treasure Steve Buscemi’s character hid there in the film of the same name, but this wasn’t the case. She’d gone there because an old American lover hailed from there, and I guess she was lonely.

A very sad story, but one that deserves to be told. There wasn’t a page on this site called ‘Takako Konishi’ before, but there is now.

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