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Ricky McCormick’s encrypted notes

In 1999, Ricky McCormick was murdered in Missouri. In his pockets were two notes, written in a code that the combined power of the FBI and the world's amateur and professional cryptographers cannot crack. Why not have a go yourself?

Makes perfect sense to me.

Two hand-written documents were found in the pockets of murder victim Ricky McCormick when his body was discovered in a field in St. Charles County, Missouri, on June 30, 1999. Attempts by the FBI's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit (CRRU) and the American Cryptogram Association failed to decipher the meanings of those two coded notes, which are listed as one of the CRRU’s top unsolved cases. where the public can offer comments and theories. [...read more]

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  1. Hello.
    Hello from Spain

    –In my humble opinion the master key is in the 2nd note, last line.
    –I see that: “O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX”

    Can you see which letters aee repeated and where?
    Can you remember the Arthur´s C. Clarke joke about HAL 9000?

    Yes? Then my solution is……
    +If O=O, W=W and R=R
    +If m=N, H=I and L=M using Caesar Code B or +1
    +If X= Variations of the letter “C” (MC,C and MC) using shorthand
    +If 4= four= FOR by phonetic solution like SMS language.
    +If 8= eight= eit= ei= letter “A” by phonetic solution like SMS language (example L8= late or leight, H8= hate ….)
    +If the hyphen join the letters in a word.
    +If we add vowel “i” by transcription shorthand solution.

    “O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX” means “OWN-FOR I AM MCCORM(i)CK”.

    It is the signature, last will or testament of Mccormick.

    + If you think “4″ is not “4″ but “y”
    + If you think “8″ is not “8″ but “I” then the solution is:

    “Y”= wai= WHY or WAY by phonetic solution, similar sound.
    “I”= ai= letter “A” by phonetic graphic representation.



  2. st charles county. another clue. a ritual homicied.

  3. i believe thinking its an ecryption is getting in the way. a message and letter for sure. as ive said before just could be random letters as genetic sequence like a dna test example with a few things in it. i mean only about 17 numbers in it. figuring out the numbers could be important. and as i said the 1/2 in it and the near by pie shop if thats true what read about could be connected. saint charles as in the county could be a ritual homicide cle just like 666 in the 1999. question would be looking at the bigger message of it all and connecting it to something worl wide or other similar cases. bodies found in feilds could be serial and could even have a connection to why a 9/11 flight crashed in a feild instead. either way serial ritual SAY seems to make more sence in it then a undeciphered encryption. Hell local police could even throw a satelite watching and being accomp[lice to for that matter. Hell throw that idea in for shits and giggles. NOw i SEE you now I dont makes sence even. why is it thats the satelites main voice i will never know. Bet ricky wished they had SEEN him.

  4. in fact im 100 percent sure a satelite was involved in that one.

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